Harvard Square Office

A New Dimension at Harvard Square Eye Care

Family-focused and fashion forward are not mutually exclusive when it comes to your eyes at Harvard Square Eye Care. Our Cambridge eye doctors are second to none in the Boston area.Harvard Square Office

We’ve been in the business of optometry for more than 40 years. Our storefront first opened in 1961 under the direction of Dr. Richard Glugeth, recognized in the industry for his innovations with contact lenses, and known for his caring attentiveness to patients.

In 2002, family member and niece, Dr. Lauren Dickerman, stepped up to the helm, adding a new dimension to the practice – namely a sense of style in eyewear. While expert eye care in a family environment and customer service are still cornerstones of the practice, we know fashion sense and quality are important, too.

Something for Everyone

We like to think Harvard Square Eye Care adds new meaning to the idea of a full-service eye care practice. With a flair for the modern and what’s popular from a fashion standpoint, we carry the latest eyewear from France, Italy, Japan, and the United States, and stock a wide range of avant garde frames including labels such as LA Eyeworks, Kio Yamato, Beausoleil, Gucci, Booth & Bruce England, O&X New York, Paul Smith, Oakley, Police, & Jaguar.

We cater to those who demand the best in cutting-edge fashion. Our patients include Henry Louis Gates, and members of the elite families in Boston like the Rockefellers. Patients commonly travel from the Vineyard and Nantucket to see us. When your clients are cosmopolitan, you need to be the same to keep up. In just two years, the number of clients has more than doubled and our reputation as the place to go to find that special pair of specs is growing.

After all, at Harvard Square Eye Care, we understand that what you wear whether it’s clothing or accessories, makes a statement about who you are. Or, perhaps just as important, who you want to be.

The Right Fit

While we pride ourselves on our keen fashion sense, we’re also the experts when it comes to frame and lens construction. At Harvard Square Eye Care, we understand that eyewear is more than fashion. It’s also function. The correct fit and personal comfort are still hallmarks of our practice. And, we not only stock and carry the most fashionable selection of frames in the area, but we personalize the fitting to complement your facial features as well as the shape of your face. We also carry trendy, low cost alternatives to designer frames.Kio Yamato Frame

In keeping with the tradition begun when Harvard Square opened its doors, we provide:

  • Comprehensive eye exams
  • Expert fitting service for contact lenses*
  • Most current contact lenses on the market
  • Laser vision consulting
  • Home exam visits
  • Child-friendly services

*Because we do hundreds of fittings annually, we have a surplus of trial lenses available for you to take home the same day.

A History of High Quality

Relationships are formed over time and Harvard Square Eye Care has stood the test of time since 1961. As the only doctor-owned dispensary in Harvard Square, our atmosphere is somewhat unique. We feel our job isn’t done until you’re completely satisfied.

Who says high fashion can’t be high quality too? Come to Harvard Square Eye Care and let us show you how.

We encourage you to learn more about our Cambridge eye care services and designer eyewear / eye glasses.