Eye Services: Professional Exams & Consultations

Eye Exams

At Harvard Square Eye Care, our eye doctors provide high quality eye exams. We determine your eyeglass prescription and detect eye diseases such as conjunctivitis. Appointments can be scheduled in advance or we accept walk-in appointments. We are conveniently located in Cambridge and Somerville.

Contact Lens Exams

Our eye doctors provide contact lens fittings and exams with the most up-to-date contact lenses on the market. We have soft disposable lenses, soft disposable toric lenses (lenses that correct astigmatism), bifocal contacts, monovision fits for our patients over 40 years old, rigid gas permeable lenses (hard lenses).

We also offer prescription colored contact lenses and colored contacts for those who simply want to change their eye color. We pride ourselves on our ability to find innovative solutions to our hard-to-fit patients. That includes patients who have very high prescriptions, chronic allergies, dry eye, computer users, and previously failed contact lens wearers.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Eye problems associated with computer use for both eyeglass wearers and contact lens wearers is increasingly common. We treat the symptoms of computer use with a variety of techniques and make many of our patients more comfortable.

Laser Vision Consultations

Our Cambridge-based eye doctors also do pre-operative and post-operative laser vision correction (or refractive surgery). Moreover, we perform free LASIK consults (helping the patient decide whether or not she/he wants to undergone refractive surgery), a useful service those considering surgery to correct myopia and hyperopia.

Professional Opticians

Our professional opticians offer frame fitting and styling that most fits your lifestyle and needs. Fashion and facial structure enhancement are our goals.