Part of a routine eye exam is looking at the back of the eye and making sure that no disease exists and that your eyes are healthy. To do that the doctor needs to put drops in the eye, called dilating drops, which make the vision blurry and sensitive to light for 3-6 hours.

There is technology called digital retinal imaging which can replace the need for dilation. Doctors recommend this technique because it serves as a baseline if there are ever any changes noted. Many eye problems do not have any symptoms until they are very advanced. From a medical perspective it is superior to dilation as a screening test.

  • Provides a more complete view of the retina (back of the eye) than had previously been possible
  • Most patients can avoid having their pupils dilated with drops
  • Testing is fast, easy and comfortable
  • Enables us to better monitor your eye health annually
  • Continues our commitment to offer all of our patients the highest standard of care available

Retinal image screening is available in our Harvard Square office for $39. If interested ask one of our Optometrists during your exam for more details.

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