Our Low Vision Center in Cambridge, MA near the Belmont line has specialists to diagnose causes and treat low vision and visual impairment with visual aids, devices and rehabilitation therapy.

Belmont Low Vision Center

Low Vision Exams and Evaluations

We are introducing a New Low Vision Service at Harvard Square Eye Care at our Belmont Street Office. We are offering a full low vision evaluation for those who have visual impairments and cannot be fully corrected with conventional glasses or contact lenses. A low vision exam can evaluate the extent of the visual impairment and help to improve on activities of daily living with use of low vision aids or rehabilitation.

Low Vision / Loss of Visual Field and Central Vision Loss Definition

Low vision may be classified as anyone who has best corrected vision of 20/70 or worse or some loss of the visual field in either eye. Central vision loss due to a retinal condition such as macular degeneration makes it difficult to read, write, watch TV, or spot objects at a distance. Anyone who is experiencing difficulties in daily task performance and are not adequately compensated with glasses, can benefit from use of low vision aids. A hand held or electronic magnifier can magnify the text and use of a telescope can help spot objects from a distance.

Low Vision Aids and Devices

Our new Low Vision Center at the Belmont Street Office is equipped with a wide selection of visual aids from top selling manufacturers. Our experienced optometrists can provide a careful low vision examination with services that tailor to the specific visual impairment.

If you or someone you know who has reduced vision as a result of age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataract or other retinal conditions you may qualify and benefit from low vision services. Please contact us or visit our Belmont Street Office for additional information.

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