Same Day Contact Lenses In-Stock

Walk-In Eye Exams and Prescriptions for New Contact Lenses with Same Day Service or Buy In Stock Contacts Without a Prescription in all Cambridge locations.

Our Cambridge offices offer Contact lenses both with and without a prescription. And we perform contact lens exams as a same day service with walk-ins most often accepted. We will provide a pair of contact lenses on the same day and you can order a full supply to have delivered to your home either the next day or the second day. Some brands take longer but not longer than purchasing on-line contacts.

Full Supply of Contact Lenses Delivered Next Day

If you are a current contact lens wearer and we do not have a full supply for you to carry away, we are able to provide an in stock contact lens until the full supply of contacts arrives at our office. Contact lens exams are most often performed on a same day service and patients can leave with contacts. Contact lens wearers who need them ASAP can also get a temporary pair until their supply arrives for next day pickup.

Walk-In Eye Exams from an Optometrist Doctor (OD) for Refill Prescriptions on Same Brand Contacts

For a patient who is a current wearer of contact lenses and wants to stay in the same brand, the process to obtain a current contact lens prescription is straightforward and can be performed along with a routine eye exam. The Optometrist updates the prescription to make sure there have been no changes to the vision. In addition, the Doctor confirms there are no contact lens related eye issues from the use of contact lenses. It is always important to have your eyes checked by a Doctor before receiving a new prescription. And it is regulated both on a state and federal level to this effect.

Same Day Contact Lens Exams and In Stock Contacts for New Patients

Even those patients who have never worn contact lenses can most often leave with a sample pair of contact lenses at the first appointment. As long as the patient has demonstrated to the Optometrist that the new wearer can comfortably insert and remove the lenses, the doctor will provide a pair to take home. The Doctor or technician will show the new wearer how to insert and remove the lenses. The patient then comes back in approximately a week to describe the comfort and vision of the lenses once they have tried the lenses. The Optometrist will then give the patient a new pair to try if the vision is not as expected or the comfort is not within an appropriate range.

Please Ask Us How to Buy Non-Prescription In-Stock Contacts

Please do not hesitate to call the office if you have any additional questions concerning the process to obtain a contact
lens prescription.

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